This website and book are dedicated to the life of Verdell Octavius Katmandu It’s a collection of tales based on a stray cat who came to our door step one day and befriended us. We took him in off the street and nursed him back to health. The love and gratitude that he had shown us for saving him from the elements and dangers of being a homeless cat is eclipsed only by the joy he brought us on a daily basis. Our book is a must read for cat lover’sand will also appeal to those who have never owned a cat.


Every cat has a unique and distinctive personality and our Verdell was no exception. He vocalized and used his facial expressions to get his point across regarding any given situation. He jibber jabbered nonstop like a little old man preaching his life lessons. We’ve embellished on his charm and charisma and have turned him into a larger than life character you won’t soon forget ! I hope when you finish our book you consider adopting a stray cat.

All cats deserve a forever home. When you adopt a cat and they hit that gratitude switch in their tiny heart you will never regret your decision. God Bless and enjoy your adventure with Verdell!!!!Part of the proceeds from this book will go to Worcester County Humane Society (A No Kill Shelter) and to Stanstock Inc.